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From the 5th century until the Norman Conquest in 1066, the Anglo-Saxon period in England was a tumultuous era marked by invasions, battles, and the formation of kingdoms. After the Roman retreat around 410 AD, Germanic tribes, namely the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians, began settling in Britain, often clashing with native Britons. Over time, they established the Heptarchy: seven kingdoms that frequently warred with each other.

The late 8th century saw the harrowing Viking invasions, epitomised by the sacking of Lindisfarne in 793 AD. However, figures like Alfred the Great resisted and gradually unified the warring kingdoms, laying the early foundations of a cohesive English nation. Despite this unity, Viking aggression persisted, with figures like Sweyn Forkbeard and Cnut the Great achieving brief periods of conquest. Yet, by the mid-11th century, native rule was restored, only to end with the momentous Norman Conquest post the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066. This rich tapestry of conflict and conquest shaped the foundation of England, weaving tales of heroism, faith, and sovereignty.

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In the twilight of the Roman Empire, when the mighty legions had retreated from Britannia's shores, and
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Great Heathen Army

In the waning years of the 8th century and the dawning of the 9th (circa 865 AD), the shores of England, already
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Cnut's Invasion

In the annals of time, when the first millennium was drawing to a close and the shadows of the Viking Age
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Norman Conquest

In the midst of the 11th century, a year stands out in England's annals, casting a long shadow over the pages
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Invasion of Wales

In the years that followed the pivotal 1066, when the Normans had firmly stamped their dominion upon
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Revolt of the Earl's

In the year 1075, a mere nine years after the Norman standard had been planted victoriously at Hastings, the
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Rebellion of 1088

In the nascent years of Norman rule, beneath the fa├žade of a unified dominion, the heart of England beat
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The Anarchy

The Anarchy! A term that evokes images of chaos and disorder, and rightly so, for between 1135 and 1153,
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Revolt of 1173-74

In the waning years of the 12th century, amidst the vast tapestry of the Angevin Empire, a storm was
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