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he period from 1919 to 1939 was marked by significant political and economic instability in England, as well as ongoing tensions with other countries that eventually led to the outbreak of World War II. During this time, England was involved in a number of smaller conflicts and military operations. In 1919, British forces were involved in the Third Anglo-Afghan War, in which the British army successfully defeated Afghan forces. In the 1920s and 1930s, England was involved in several military interventions in the Middle East, including conflicts in Iraq and Palestine. In addition to these conflicts, England was heavily involved in efforts to maintain international peace and stability, including through its membership in the League of Nations. However, these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and tensions with Germany and other countries eventually led to the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Overall, the period from 1919 to 1939 was marked by ongoing military conflicts and tensions as England attempted to navigate a rapidly changing global political landscape.

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Estonian War of Independence

In the ebbing wake of the First World War, amidst the cacophony of collapsing empires and the birth cries
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Latvian War of Independence

In the turbulent aftermath of the Great War, as empires crumbled and new nations clamoured for their
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The Russian Civil War

In the annals of history, few events have shimmered with such chaos and raw potential as the Russian
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Turkish War of Independence

Amid the smouldering ruins of the once-majestic Ottoman Empire, there arose, like a phoenix from its ashes
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Third Anglo-Afghan War

Amid the vast tapestry of British imperial adventures, the Third Anglo-Afghan War, spanning
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Irish War of Independence

In the dim hallways of time, between the close of the Great War and the dawn of a new world order
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Somaliland Campaign

In the vast panorama of the British Empire's many theatres, the Somaliland Campaign emerges,
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The Iraq Revolution 1920

In the vast expanse of Mesopotamia, an ancient land nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
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The Adwan Rebellion

In the vast desert expanse of the Middle East, as the year 1923 dawned, the winds carried with them
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The     Ikhwan Revolt

In the barren and vast expanse of the Arabian Peninsula, at a crossroads where the winds of modernity
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Great Arab Revolt in Palistine

In the lands of ancient civilisations, where once the pharaohs ruled and where prophets walked
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Jewish Insurgency in Palistine

Amid the ravages of the Second World War, another storm was gathering, not in the battle-hardened
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S Plan

In the annals of British history, between the two cataclysmic events known as the First and Second
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